Our Product Line

Vegetable ingredients have been consumed for many centuries and more recently well-known for their nutritional and health benefits. They are also applied into several food products to achieve product specifications while meeting regulatory compliance all over the world. Plant-based protein  is a high-quality ingredient comparable with meat proteins while plant-based fiber works as dietary fiber and being recognized as a nutritional and functional ingredient for the food industry.


Through our highest standards of quality, food safety, product stewardship, and with the most recent technology, the following product lines are now available:   

soy protein beverage, protein shakes, isolated soy protein


PurePro® Isolated Soy Protein

PurePro® is our isolated soy protein (ISP) product line brand. With 90% protein (dry-bases), ISP is a vegetable protein source, considered a complete protein, with all essential amino-acids, no cholesterol and low fat, delivering high nutritional value to food.


PurePro® has an extensive range of ISP, developed for best performance in different applications like beverages, shakes, bars and meat products, such as marinated and emulsified. Whether you are looking for high protein beverage with a competitive price and neutral flavor or improve profitability in meat products, we can help you.


PurePro® ISP product line delivers nutritional value, high functionality and competitive cost benefit to your food products.



Setenta Concentrated Soy Protein

Setenta is our concentrated soy protein product brand that delivers 70% protein content (dry-bases). Setenta complements our product portfolio in applications like processed food and especially meat products.


If solubility, emulsification and gelation characteristics are essential to your product development, we can help you. 


Developed through state of the art technology, Setenta product line optimizes soy protein functionality and offers an economic cost benefit and high-quality products.  

processed meat, soy protein, concentrated soy protein
soy fiber, PurePro
Soy Fiber PurePro® MBF

PurePro® MBF is the brand of our soy fiber, a natural combination of soluble & insoluble fibers and proteins from the soy that is versatile, as can be used in many food applications, such as meat and bakery products.


Soy fiber PurePro® MBF can help with water adsorption, cooking yields and control water migration in food products turning into an ideal solution for many processed food products.

Vegetable Broth PurePro® VE

PurePro® VE brands are designed to provide improved appearance, flavor, and economics in canned and pouch tuna products. Our formulations and application expertise can provide solutions to match customer processing technology and machine specialty  to achieve desired economics with appealing and delicate taste for both pouch and canned packs.


Our product offers include non-allergen and various ingredient options to meet different market needs and regulatory requirements.  


We use two or more of the following vegetables, customized to the manufacturer’s needs: beans, cabbage, carrots, celery, garlic, onions, parsley, peas, potatoes, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. Our product line offers both non-soy and soy-based options.

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